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18 Apr 2012

ScienceDirect PDF Problems

Accessing online database Science Direct issue this week:

Dear respected user, Elsevier have informed us that there may be problems opening PDF files from ScienceDirect using the latest browsers with the Adobe X plugin. They currently only support Internet Explorer up to version 7. This may cause problems using ScienceDirect on University PCs running Windows 7.

Their technical team is aware of this, and have promised to address this issue in the coming weeks. Unfortunately they have not been able to give us a definite timescale for this work.

In the meantime they suggest the following workaround:

Please try the following steps to resolve the issue save/download pdf file when accessing online database Science Direct within campus network (inside campuses)... :

1. Close all PDF's File
2. Click on Computer > START - ALL PROGRAMS - Adobe Reader
3. Go to Edit - Preferences - Categories > Internet > - Web Browser Options > de-select all check-boxes. Internet Options > Connection Speed > choose LAN
4. Click on OK
5. Open web browser and access science direct & download pdf as usual.

If user still faced problem to download any pdf file in Science Direct email directly to technical support

Users of Adobe Reader X may have noticed the disk icon in the Reader toolbar is disabled when opening PDF files within a web browser.  Please Follow this guide:


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